Nuić and Juzbašić directing NEXE's stunner in Prešov

Nuič a Juzbašič priviedli NEXE k prekvapujúcemu víťazstvu v Prešove

Tatran Prešov - NEXE

Duel between NEXE and Tatran in Prešov has proved to be a duel of League's 'black cats'. Hosts were defeated and as a result League has new leaders - PPD Zagreb and in case Vardar manage to celebrate in Novi Sad in less than a week they might be a third team to sit on League's throne in only 7 days.

The clash was furios with lot of tough defensive moves with NEXE opening it with 4:0  and Tatran managing to score an equalizer early in the second half for 13:13. Until 19:18 they were in control but after that amazing Juzbašić has with a few tough saves and Nuić with some fast counter-attack goals managed to turn the match upside down and help NEXE reach 27:22 which was in the end proved to be too much for hosts to catch until the end. Nuić was remarkable in match' most important period with 5 goals. NEXE have in the end managed to take revenge for a loss against Tatran in Našice creating a bigger difference ahead of Vojvodina and Borac.

Tatran will on Tuesday host Vardar and NEXE will travel to Novi Sad to meet Vojvodina.

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE´s coach:

I would like to congratulate our team on their deserved victory. It was very hard and strong game as every clash between these teams. This season we've played some very narrow matches against some of League's favorites. This is our first win in Prešov in 5 seasons. We've played as a team today and that decided the game. I wish Tatran a lot of luck in next tough games.

Saša Barišić-Jaman, NEXE´s centre back:

We are really happy to win this match. It was very good game and we are very happy to take 3 points. We are looking forward to playing the next match against Vojvodina. We hope we will win it.

Rastislav Trtik, Tatran´ coach:

It was the same tough match as any other. I appreciate that we came back to the game several times. The entire match was decided in the middle of the second half, when we led 19:17. From that time we've played only with 2 players on the court in next several minutes. In this phase of the game NEXE used their advantage and I will not comment on it further.  

Oliver Rabek, Tatran´ left back:

I completely agree with our coach. I have never experienced to have so many players excluded in such a short time in the game. We've lost 6 or 7 players in three minutes and we remained with only two men on the court. Now we have to prepare and concentrate on the next game against Vardar.