'Dark horses' clash in Prešov

Súboj čiernych koní v Prešove

Tatran Prešov - NEXE

Tatran will in Prešov on Saturday (18.00 CET) in SEHA Gazprom League's 12th round host NEXE. Rastislav Trtik' guys surely were left a bit surprised after last round's stunner in Banja Luka with Borac beating them meaning that they will do everything to secure the top spot in duel against NEXE. Team from Našice is leading the lower part of League's table with Borac and Vojvodina getting closer so it is left to see whether they will be able to sustain it. Tradition is on Tatran' side in Prešov but it will be an interesting match for fans because both clubs have already proved to be 'dark horses' for lot of strong teams  from League's beginnings. Big clash of two playing systems led by Trtik and Kordi. 

Rastislav Trtik, Tatran´s coach:

Match is very important for us because we want to keep up with the best. We have to take three points although we know how hard it was for some teams to take points in narrow matches against NEXE. We have to stick to our tactics, keep focus through the entire match. We can also rely a bit on our defensive system led by Igor Chupryna which we should consider as a base for our success.

 Andrej Petro, Tatran´s pivot:

We would like to win and once again show another superb performance in Tatran   Handball Arena in  SEHA League. We won a very important game over Topolcany in Slovak Cup semifinals. This victory will encourage us before the next match. Now we have to regenerate and prepare thoroughly for the game vs Nexe. It will not be easy because Nexe are a quality team, which they have already proved in their home game against us. We want to use home advantage, confirm the role of the favourites and take three points to remain on table's top.

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE's coach:

Before the beginning of the championship I said that Tatran is one of SEHA Gazprom league's favorites. Many people looked at me strangely but I was right and Tatran are proving it.They've managed to create an image of a patient team which is playing excellent handball and slowly rising. They do have space for improvement but they deserve respect. It will be a big challenge for us especially considering match against Vojvodina which is waiting for in less than five days so we'll have to wisely choose our roster for the match.

Tomislav Nuić, NEXE's left wing:

First of all it will be one of the longest journies this season. By that, we're going to play a very tough match against League's leaders in the moment which says much of their quality. We will surely not surrender before the final whistle. Vojvodina and Borac have recently showed us how to battle against Tatran so we will go out there and fight.