NEXE with the first home win of the season against Borac

Prva pobjeda NEXE-a u Našicama

Nexe - Borac

In their second home match in this SEHA Gazprom league's season NEXE have taken the first victory in front of their audience in Našice. Victory against Borac Banja Luka (30:25) is also their third victory of the season. 

After first 30 minutes NEXE have had three goals advantage after even being 5 up but during the first half. Borac' goalkeeper Ivanišević has had an amazing night keeping guests as close as possible but -5 was in the end as far as they could go.

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE's coach: 

I would like to thank all our fans. They have today witnessed a good match with lots of tactics traps from both sides. Of course we have certain things to correct and I'm sure we'll play even better.

Saša Barišić Jaman, NEXE's player:  

We are all very happy because of this victory. We've started very well but winner was decided in the second half. I'd like to congratulate Borac on a fair match.

Aleksandar Mededovic, Borac's coach: 

NEXE's victory today was well deserved. We've made too many technical errors, especially in attack. In the end all we could was chase them, chase positive result and we simply did not make it.

Damir Efendić, Borac's goalkeeper:

My colleague Ivanišević was remarkable between bars but we did not use that today. We did make lot of mistakes and we'll have to work on it.