Tatran's goalkeeper Božić MVP against NEXE

Vratar Tatrana Božić junak u Našicama

Nexe - Tatran Prešov

Tatran Prešov have managed to extend their winning streak. They have won third match in a row in Našice but it was much harder than expected. NEXE have had an excellent chance to take at least a point in their first home match but that in the end did not happen. They have had advantage for the bigger part of the first half. 

However, in the second half Tatran got much better especially in defence led by remarkable goalkeeper Božić whose last second save was decisive for Tatran today. A real SEHA Gazprom spectacle for people in Našice.

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE's coach:  

We were playing four matches against teams from Champions league. For me Tatran are one of the best teams in SEHA Gazprom league straight with Meshkov, Zagreb, Vardar and Veszprem. We've had some good moments during the match. We knew what Tatran will play in defense but we've had a problem. It is important for us to learn from our mistakes.

Edi Vešligaj, NEXE's goalkeeper: 

We've opened the match well but Tatran have changed defense system later taking advantage and control of the match. We've had a chamce to take a point but we did not score. Coach gave me an opportunizy and I hope he was satisfied. I am sad because of this loss.

Rastislav Trtik, Tatran's coach:

My opinion is that fans and spectators were able to enjoy today. It was very interesting and dramatic match. We were playing much better in the second half. We could have decided winner before the last minute, but we have excellent goalkeeper who has in the end brought us this victory. 

Vladimir Božić, Tatran's goalkeeper: 

NEXE opened the match better but we've played better overall today, especially in defense. It was a real narrow match, they have had a chance to score over their winger Božić-Pavlović but they did not. Great and tough victory for us.


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