Tough visit to Našice for Tatran

Tatran na teškom gostovanju u Našicama


NEXE will on Saturday (19.00 CET) in Našice host Slovak Tatran from Prešov. It will be NEXE's fourth match in 10 days and by that, first home fixture of the season. Team from Prešov is on the other side coming to Slavonia with an excellent streak in SEHA Gazprom League but match against Croatian vice-champions will surely be a big test for Trtik's players. 

'Slavonian thunder' is playing really well at the beginning of the season which they have so far proved in matches against favorized PPD Zagreb and Vardar. By that, Slavonia has always been tough for Tatran to conquer. In first four seasons NEXE have, in home matches, managed to celebrate twice (once in Našice and once in Osijek) and Tatran have also reached to victories, each with minimum goal difference. 

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE's coach:

It is time for us to host someone for the first time this season and it will be interesting to see how will we react. Tatran are SEHA League's members from the beginning. They have a roster full of Slovak national team players, good system and from year to year they are growing as a team. We also expect a bit of 'wind in the back' from our supporters which I hope will be there for us on Saturday.

Josip Božić-Pavletić, NEXE's player:

We are aware of Tatran's qualities but we also remember how close we were last year. We can hope for at least a point in case we manage to play as good as we did in our first matches.

Rastislav Trtik, Tatran's coach:

This will be a third match for us in only a few days and we will once again play without Rabek and Pogany who are still recovering from their surgeries. NEXE are playing quite well in season's opening, they have managed to play to great matches against PPD Zagreb and Vardar and by that grab some points from the clash against Vojvodina in Novi Sad. Therefore we expect this match to be really hard. Hopefully our tactics will prove to be right and we'll bring home 3 points.

Dominik Krok, Tatran's player:

We are expecting a tough match.They have played very good in Zagreb and Skopje and on Saturday they will also have home court advantage which will surely be an additional boost. However, we will do everything to catch 3 points. 

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