SEHA Gazprom League pre-season: Unbeatable Veszprem


Fifth season of SEHA Gazprom League is getting closer to its beginning with teams already in full strenght and preparations close to their end. Many friendly matches have already been played, tournaments which are displaying form and ambitions ahead of season's start. Results of Skopje's tournament with Vardar and NEXE participating is not over yet and that's why we will bring You those results in days ahead of us.

VESZPREM: Champions have had a brilliant pre-season. Eight matches - eight victories. Hungarians have managed to reach triumphs on two tournaments underway beating Kiel and PSG. Palmarsson and Slišković are starting to fit in with Marguč showing remarkable form.

Friendly matches: West Wien 38:22 (Nilsson and Marguč 6 each); Wangen 39:14 (Marguč 6).

Sparkassen Cup: Baia Mare 36:29 (Ivancsik 8), Füchse 26:24 (Ilić 8); finals Kiel 32:19 (Ivancsik 7).

Euroturnoi: Montpellier 29:28 (Lekai, Nagy, Marguč 4 goals each), Chambery 32:26 (Ilić 6), finale PSG 32:31 (Marguč 7).


MESHKOV: Preparations are showing that Belarus champions are with Atman, Kristopans and Tiomentsev much stronger than last season. They have done first part of pre-season in Slovenia ending it with a triumph on traditional Balgazprombank Cup. Seven matches played, six victories and only one loss, against Celje. New coach Bebeshko has changed certain things keeping their strenght at highest level.

Friendly matches: Krka 41:20 (Kristopans 7), Dobova 35:18 (Nikulenkau 5), Celje 31:36 (Shylovich 6), Trebnje 35:23 (Atman 5).

Belgazprombank cup: Azoty 37:26 (Atman 5), Neva STP 30:22 (Stojković 7); finals Wisla 24:22 (Shylovich 5).


PPD ZAGREB: Croatian champions have played two tournaments and two friendly matches with one more tournament, in French Marrane still waiting for them before season's start. Lions have even without Josip Valčić, Mandalinić and Vujić managed to keep good form from last season's end. They've played eight matches reaching six victories and two losses. However, coach Vujović is not very concerned about losses against Kiel and Füchse knowing that Bundesliga's season has already taken off.

Friendly matches: South Korea 26:19 (Mihić, Obranović po 4), Linz 32:25 (Stepančić, Horvat 5 each).

Sparkassen Cup: Göppingen 33:18 (Stevanović 22 saves, Stepančić, Obranović, Šandrk 5 each), Kiel 26:30 (Stepančić 6), for 3rd place Füchse 26:27 (Šebetić, Stepančić 4 each ).

Styria cup: Brück 24:15 (Šebetić 4), Graz 24:15 (Stepančić 4), finals Maribor 29:23 (Horvat 10).


TATRAN: Slovak champions have entered the season with certain amount of difficulties on their back. Rabek and Furlan are injured, Kristopans left the club but new coach Trtik made a fast team which has in first two matches of Doboj tournament managed to score amazing 100 goals! They were not however able to defend the title but they have showed that we'll next season have a whole new Tatran. They've played nine matches winning seven. Only match still ahead of them before the start of the season is Czech-Slovak Cup in Prague.

Friendly matches: Mielec 37:35 (Peskov 8), 37:29 (L. Urban 10).

Steel cup: Šala 29:21, Tatabanya 25:29, Margareten 37:25.

Turnir u Doboju: Sloga 53:19 (Antl 11), Izviđač 47:33 (Antl 10), Antalya 37:16 (Sadovyi 9); finals Gorenje 24:28 (Kopčo, Furlan, Čip po 5).


BORAC M:TEL: Team from Banja Luka will this year have a tough pre-season with CL's qualification tournament they will host still ahead of them. They've played two tournaments, five matches and reaching one victory. However, coach Rađenović' wish surely is for Borac to catch real form in the beginning of September.

Marinko Kelečević memorial: Hapoel 31:29 (Efendić 16 saves), finals Tatabanya 26:29 (Janković 9).

Doboj tournament: Gorenje 24:26 (Janković 11), Vojvodina 28:33 (Vujović 7), Saudi Arabia (Ćeranić, Mijatović po 4). Match for 7th place, against Sloga was not played.


VOJVODINA: Serbian champions have presented their reinforcements Gugleta, Pralica and Rastvorcev but were also without their coach Nikola Marković who was coaching Serbian young NT on WCh. They have on several tournaments played six matches winning four.

Marinko Kelečević memorial: Tatabanya 26:30 (Nikolić 6), 3rd place match Hapoel 27:22 (Rastvorcev 5).

Doboj tournament: Saudi Arabia 25:24 (Nikolić 7), Borac m:tel 33:28 (Stanković 8), Gorenje 24:28 (Gugleta 7); 3rd place match Antalya 27:23 (Stanković 7).


MAKS STRUMICA: League's rookies from Strumica have played on a tournament in Struga reaching one win and two losses.

Struga tournament: Besiktas 18:19 (Čizmović 4), Dinamo Bucharest 25:24 (Čanturija 7); 3rd place match Benfica 27:31 (Čanturija 7).    


SPARTAK: Spartak from Subotica have in pre-season ahead of their rookie season in SEHA Gazprom League played three matches winning all of them which has brought them title from a tournament in Hungary meaning that coach Branislav Zeljković can be satisfied with how things are going so far.

Friendly match: Oroszhaza 30:28 (Županjac 9),

Komlo Cup: Pecs 25:21 (Županjac 4), finals Komlo 32:22 (Đekić 5)