First points for NEXE in this season

Prvi bodovi za NEXE u ovoj sezoni

Nexe - Radnički 6 (14/15)

In the fourth round of SEHA GSS League Croatian vice champions NEXE have hosted Serbian vice champions Radnički. With the final victory of 29:23 team from Slavonia has managed to grab first points.  The key period was beginning of the match. It was hard for guests to catch the home team after NEXE's 4:0 series at the beginning. Radnički was through the whole first half trying to catch their opponents but they weren't able to stay near with NEXE scoring in series after they would come closer. In the middle of the first half it was +8 for the team from Našice and it was obvious that the match is, speaking of result thriller,  over.

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE's coach:

- We won, but it was not so easy, especially because very hard perio of four hard matches in 15 days is behind us. First part of the first half was really outstanding and my goal is for us to play like that each match from the beginning until the end.

Tibor Jurjević, NEXE's player:

- Beginning of the match was really good for us and it was expectable that we'll have some bad periods. Good thing is that we've made them as short as we could and we've caught first points. Really importnant match for our confidence.

Nedeljko Vučković, Radnički's coach:

- I am not satisfied with our performance especially in the begining of the match. NEXE has got very talented team and I want to congratulate them not only for their win but also for a fair match.  

Ivan Šmigić, Radnički's player:

- I am not disappointed because we've lost from a better team today. This was a real handball lesson for us, presented by NEXE.