Meshkov against NEXE after qualifying for EHF's CL

Nexe - Meshkov Brest 3

Belarus champion Meshkov Brest will after reaching their first goal, qualifying for EHF's CL, play at home in SEHA GSS League against NEXE. That will be their first stronger opponent this season after beating Borac in the first round. Match will be played on Thursday, 18.00 CET. 

September will be filled with strong and important matches for both teams. Meshkov will by NEXE host PPD Zagreb and NEXE will continue their 'on road' tour in Hingary against MKB MVM Veszprem and in Macedonia against Vardar. Meshkov will also play in EHF's CL which means they will probably use regional League matches to catch form for important group matches.

Meshkov is surely a favorite in this match but also, with all reinforcements they have managed to sign during the summer, favorite for SEHA GSS League's title. The main goal for coach Babić will be to shape team's form and make players concentrate on matches ahead of them. David Špiler is, due to his injury, still not on coach's roster for the match as well as Nikola Manojlović who has a fever. 

Željko Babić, Meshkov’s coach:

- It is always hard to play good in matches after big wins like the one we’ve had on CL’s qualification tournament against Tatran. Match against NEXE will be difficult, they play ‘run and gun’ handball. The main thing for us is to play good, strong defense and if we manage to do it and stay concentrated we’ll control the match.

Siarhei Shylovich, Meshkov's player
- I think we are ready for the match. We have to play good and concentrate for the match especially because we're playing in front of our own fans. I remember our last match against NEXE. It was a tie in the end which is another proof how strong opponent we're about to face.

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE's coach:

-After our bad game against PPD Zagreb I've done a few conversations with my players. They understand what they were doing wrong and I believe they've learned their lesson. Our wish is to show progress in our game and I hope players will show that on court in Brest. We are playing against a stronger team but it should motivate us even more.

Perica Lelić, NEXE's goalkeeper:

- There are no easy opponents in SEHA GSS league. I think Meshkov is maybe a better team than Zagreb. We will have to do our best to catch form from round to round and play better.