Transfer Tuesday: Ante Gadza to join Red&Black team!

Ante Gadza

After Stas Skube left Vardar's side a few months ago, reigning European and SEHA champions found their new centre back in Ante Gadza. 28-year-old Croatian that way changed his third SEHA address. After five rewarding seasons in Nasice and last season in PPD Zagreb, Gadza is ready for a new challenge in Skopje.

The Croat has been a very important part of his teams in his SEHA journey so far. This season, he successfully organized the attack of the Croatian champions in the ‘Lions’ jersey scoring 32 goals and recording a fantastic number of 29 assists in 12 appearances. On the other hand, in Nexe’s jersey, he scored 102 goals and had 89 assists in 72 appearances over five seasons.

These numbers speak in favour of the occasional Croatian member of the national team. By signing for Vardar, defending the SEHA title will be a big challenge for Gadza, but also for his teammates.

Moreover, right winger Josip Eres, who signed for the German TuS Ferndorf, also left PPD Zagreb.

Therefore, we wish them both all the best on their journeys. And as for Gadza, we are proud and happy that he is still part of our SEHA family!