7m - Vladyslav Ostroushko: “I believe we can reach SEHA quarter-finals“

Nexe - Eurofarm

Ukrainian national team player Vladyslav Ostroushko is among only a few Eurofarm Pelister players who have international experience. He already has SEHA – Gazprom League bronze medal back from 2016/2017 season when he was a member of Meshkov Brest and this season he’s doing his best to help his new team – Eurofarm Pelister, book a place in SEHA quarter-finals.

In order to do that they’ll have to reach at least a four-goal win against Nexe on Wednesday. In their premier Play-Off encounter, Ostroushko was 7/11 which suggests Nexe will spend some extra time to analyze his game and try to slow him down because he is one of Eurofarm’s key players this season. 

Ostroushko has been showcasing his shooting skills in EHF Champions League as well with 65 goals in 10 games. He is still the best scorer of Europe’s most elite club competition despite of the fact Eurofarm have failed to reach the next phase which is another reason why he will now shift his entire focus towards SEHA League and their domestic championship.

First few months of 2020 will prove to be crucial for a lot of teams because there is very little space for mistakes. The time has come for the second leg of the first round of SEHA Play-Offs. Do you feel like that -3 is something you will, as a team, be able to catch at home?
This period is really important for each team, each goal is decisive. I believe that we can pull it off. We'll play at home, with our fans behind us and they always help us. We just need to deliver a great performance.

You already managed to come out on top against Telekom Veszprem and PPD Zagreb this season in Bitola proving everyone you have a great team capable of achieving great results. Did the new coach bring any new ambitions?
Playing at home always provides you with additional motivation. I’ve played almost every SEHA League match this season as well. I have to say it doesn’t matter who our best scorer is, what matters the most is that we’re winning. 

You already have SEHA experience. How would you rate the League and your new team’s performance in their rookie season?
I’ve been a part of that bronze-medal winning Meshkov Brest team. Level in this League is pretty good. Considering the fact this is only our first season I can say it hasn’t been bad and our goal is to go a bit further in the competition. 

Your full focus is on Nexe right now but are you secretly hoping to see Vardar next month in Bitola?
We are now fully focused on the game waiting for us on Wednesday! We have to win it!

Bitola is one of the capitals of handball in North Macedonia. Do you feel that too?
It’s true, people here love handball and we’re always feeling their support during the games. Hall is almost full every time and I feel like that’s great for the sport of handball in general as well as for all the players. 

Throughout your career you’ve played in several countries. What makes Bitola different from Turkey, Romania, Switzerland and Poland?
I can’t really answer this because every club is different and they all have their own style. 

Last year you finished second in Macedonia securing a place in EHF Champions League and SEHA League. Now, besides focusing on reaching SEHA quarter-finals, you’re slowly starting to think about the next season. Do you feel like Eurofarm Pelister can endanger Vardar in domestic championship?
Last year was really successful for us and I hope this season will at least be the same. However, of course, we’ll do our best to defeat Vardar. 

Eurofarm is slowly progressing as a club. You have one-year deal with Eurofarm Pelister. Where do you see yourself in the future?
Club is doing a good job and I hope we’ll keep up the good pace. I’m only thinking about this season right now, I’ll think about everything else after the end of it.