Horvat: ”We’ll both look to deliver a stronger performance in the second match”

Hrvoje Horvat

Nexe - Eurofarm Pelister 23:20 (10:9)
(Barisic Jaman 4, Kevic 4, Ostroushko 7, Jotic 6)

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
First half of this matchup is now over and both teams still have a chance to get through to the next round. It is clear we’ll both look to deliver a stronger performance in the second match. We respect Macedonian team led by coach Babic and considering everything that is at stake I don’t think anyone could have expected an eye-pleasing match. We’ll have to prepare for the fact Eurofarm will most definitely be more aggressive in the second leg. Also, I hope out injury situation will be better for that one. 

Tomi Vozab, Nexe player: 
You simply can’t play good handball if you have as many turnovers as we did but I believe that’s something we can work on and improve for the future. First half of the matchup is now over and nothing has been decided yet. We’ll have a rough time securing this advantage in Bitola. 

Zeljko Babic, Eurofarm Pelister coach: 
Well-deserved win for Nexe here today as they delivered a great performance and were a better opponent out there. Match was full of turnovers and it’s sure we can do better than this. We played well defensively which we can’t really say about the attack. I’d like to thank my players for a strong performance. 

Mihail Petroski, Eurofarm Pelister player: 
Difficult, narrow match. We were static in attack committing a lot of turnovers. However, in the end, I can say the result is good for us and that everything will be decided in Bitola.