Horvat: “Finishing the year in a victorious manner feels good“

Hrvoje Horvat

Nexe - Vardar 42:26 (18:14)
(Tomic 8, Severec 6 / Kukulovski 6)

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
Everyone should obviously take this result with a grain of salt because we've today seen Vardar's youth here. However, despite of that, finishing the year in a victorious manner feels good, especially as we are celebrating our club's birthday. We've showed excellent approach and I'm happy about that and I'd like to wish all of our fans all the best in 2020.

Sasa Barisic-Jaman, Nexe player:
Vardar have a lot of potential. We are happy about this win and I feel like we're back on the right track. It was also nice to see all these fans here today and I think we've really delivered for our 60th birthday.

Stojan Petrushevski, Vardar assistant coach:
We came here without our experienced players but I feel like our younger players will have a great use of this. Nexe were today a better opponent and I'd like to use the opportunity to wish them a happy birthday.

Kristijan Angjelkovski, Vardar player:
First half was not bad but Nexe have today had a lot wider roster and that proved to be the key. They were simply better and we must keep up the good work.