Sikosek Pelko: “Congrats to the entire team on the first place“

Domen Sikosek Pelko

Vardar - Tatran Presov 28:26 (13:17)
(Cupic 6, Atman 5, Shishkarev 5 / Lapajne 5, Grzentic 5, Michalka 5)

Slavko Goluza, Tatran Presov coach:
Congrats to Vardar on the win here today but also to my players on their performance. We came here with a lot of injured players but wanted to play well. In the first we were trying hard and it was working well. What I'm not satisfied are first 10 minutes of the second where we were not focused enough, we simply lacked discipline. Their 5-1 defense was a problem for us but other than those 10 minutes I'm satisfied with the way my guys played. We're traditionally playing well in Skopje because we want to prove ourselves against European champs.

David Michalka, Tatran Presov player:
We played well in the first but when they changed to 5-1 we were making mistakes. That wasn't good and by that we scored only nine in the second half. If we played second as good as first we could have had a better shot at a good result.

Eduard Koksharov, Vardar coach:
We wanted to give players who usually don't play as much a chance but we decided to start the second half with our best players. Goal was to win three points and we did it. In the second half we'll wait for our injured players to return to be complete and get ready for finals in both Champions League and SEHA.

Domen Sikosek Pelko, Vardar player:
We started the match poorly and during the break we decided to start the second half with our strongest lineup and it eventually proved to be a good decision. Congrats to the entire team on the first place and now we have to prepare for what's waiting for us in February. I believe when our injured players return we'll prove everyone we still belong among the best.