Vojvodina eager to fight Tatran for the third place

Nemanja Pribak

Battle which will most likely decide who will finish Group B on third place after the end of the regular part of the season will on Saturday (15.00 CET) be played in Novi Sad with Vojvodina hosting Tatran Presov.

Slovakian champs are at the moment three points ahead of the team from Novi Sad with a chance to come closer to position No.2 and endanger Motor Zaporozhye. Team led by coach Rojevic failed to stun Tatran in their premier encounter of the season in Presov falling 22:18 short which is why goal difference might in the end play a crucial role in deciding who finishes on a higher position.

Vojvodina have only a few days ago played an exhausting match against Vardar falling 35:33 short while coach Goluza and his players routinely defeated BSU.

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach:
We are hosting a team which is participating in the Champions League and they are absolute favorites against us but we've showed we can play against anyone. However, our rotation will be shorter due to absence of four players and this will by that be our second match in a matter of four days. I know what we're capable of but we must also respect everyone. I'd like to invite fans to come and support us.

Nemanja Pribak, Vojvodina player:
I am very pleased with how the season is developing so far. We're showing improvements but there is still room to go even further. We can't promise anything but it's clear each team must take Vojvodina seriously. We hope our matches will attract more fans to come to our hall and support us.

Slavko Goluza, Tatran Presov coach:
Vojvodina have against Vardar on Tuesday delivered a solid outing and we're not expecting anything less on Saturday. Tough one is ahead of us against a team which is playing on a very high level. It will be a challenge for us but I'm positive and believe in a good result in the end.

Mario Cvitkovic, Tatran Presov goalkeeper:
We need to win the match in Novi Sad in order to secure third position. However, we are well aware we'll have to fight for it because Vojvodina have a very good team led by an experienced playmaker, good wingers and a quality goalkeeper. I expect this to be a good one and only thing left is to prepare for it well and go for the win.