Sikosek Pelko: “We played our best throughout the entire course of the game“

Domen Sikosek Pelko

Vardar - Vojvodina 26:23 (11:11)
(Skube 7, Dimitrioski 6 / Stankovic 7; Arsenic 19 saves)

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach:
We hoped we can achieve a better result but that didn't happen. We missed several chances and, as I expected, details decides this one. Turnovers and our missed chances were the key.

Milos Grozdanic, Vojvodina player: 
Well-deserved win for Vardar here today. We entered the match nervously. Despite of that we were levelled in the firsf half but in the second our missed chances and turnovers decided this one. Vardar managed to make a differece taking a win today.

Eduard Koksharov, Vardar coach: 
We had plans for this one but due to injuries and rough schedule it was hard to stick to the plan. The plan was to play without rushing and I want to congratulate my guys on a win.

Domen Sikosek Pelko, Vardar player: 
Congrats to Vojvodina who played a solid game today. Two tough games in the last few days are behind us. We played our best throughout the entire course of the game. At times, I have to admit, luck was on our side but we fought hard and won in the end.