EHF Team Week recap: interesting clashes are behind 6 SEHA countries

Team Russia

An eventful few days are behind some of the SEHA countries that participated in the EHF Team Week. 

Team Croatia played two friendly matches against Germany. In a very tough match in Arena Zagreb, team Germany was better 26:25. SEHA players that had important roles in Croatian team were PPD Zagreb's gem, Zlatko Horvat who opened the match, Matej Hrstic netted 1 time, while David Mandic scored 4 goals and was one of the best scorers of the match. PPD Zagreb's goalie, Matej Asanin had 2 saves. Three days later, Germany was once again better. This time, they secured 24:23 victory on the home court. That match was important for Nexe's youngster, Fran Mileta who stepped on the court and scored one goal, just like David Mandic.

Serbian national team also played two matches. In the first clash, Serbia was defeated by team Austria 30:32 (16:18). SEHA names that stood out in that match were Telekom Veszprem's goalie, Vladimir Cupara who had 6 saves, Meshkov Brest's star Nemanja Obradovic who netted 2 times for Serbian national team and Nexe's Zivan Pesic who also scored 2 goals. In the second clash of the week, Slovenia was better than Serbia 30:24 (16:10). In that match, Cupara had 7 saves while Obradovic once again scored 2 goals.

Belarus faced two clashes against Lithuania. In the first match, team Belarus was better with the result 45:25 (20:13). Many well-known SEHA faces played important roles in that victory. Meshkov Brest's stars that were a part of the squad were Mikita Vailupau who scored 5 goals, Andrei Yurynok who scored 3 goals, Maxim Baranau who added 4 goals and Artsiom Kulak who netted 2 times for Belarus. Motor Zaporozhye's gem, Barys Pukhouski scored also 2 goals. On the other side, another Motor Zaporozhye's player, Aidenas Malasinskas netted 3 times for Lithuania. In their second clash on Sunday, Belarusian team once again secured victory. The end result was 30:27 (14:12). In that clash, Andrei Yurynok scored 6 goals, Maxim Baranau scored 1 goal for Belarus, while Aidenas Malasinskas netted 2 times for Lithuania. 

Ukraine met two times with Tunisia and faced defeats in both matches. In the first clash, Tunisia were better 25:20 (12:9). Despite the loss, Motor Zaporozhye's stars played great. Zakhar Denysov scored 2 goals as well as Vladyslav Parovinchak. Artem Kozakevych netted 3 times for Ukraine, while Vladyslav Dontsov, Dmytro Doroshchuk and Stanislav Zhukov added one goal each. Vladyslav Ostroushko from Eurofarm Rabotnik also scored one goal. In the second clash, Tunisia were better with the result 29:27 (10:14). This time, Zakhar Denysov netted 4 times, Artem Kozakevych scored 3 goals just like Vladyslav Dontsov and Stanislav ZhukovDmytro Doroshchuk added 2 goals as well as Iurii KubatkoVladyslav Ostroushko from Eurofarm Rabotnik netted 2 times for Ukraine. 

Russia played friendly tournament in Argetina. In their first match against the hosts, they were defeated 22:24 (12:11). Vardar's star Pavel Atman scored 1 goal, Daniil Shishkarev scored 6 goals, Sergey Gorpishin scored 3 goals while Gleb Kalarash scored 2 goals. Motor Zaporozhye's player, Igor Soroka, was also one of the scorers. He netted 3 times for Russia. In the second match, Russia sensationally beat Spain 32:28 (21:15). Igor Soroka once again played important role in his team with 3 goals, while Sergey Gorpishin added 1 goal. In the last match, Russia was better than Poland 30:19 (17:8). In that match, Meshkov Brest's gem, Alexander Shurinskiy entered the court and netted 6 times for Russia. Vardar's Gleb Kalarash added 2 goals, while Daniil Shishkarev scored 3 goals. Igor Soroka from Motor Zaporozhye netted 4 times for the Russian team. 

This week was very eventful for North Macedonia who played 4 matches. In the first clash, they beat Turkey 26:23 (15:11). Bojan Madzovski from Eurofarm Rabotnik with 4 goals scored and Dimitar Dimitrioski from Vardar with one goal scored carried their team to the victory. The second clash of the week, North Macedonia ended with a 26:26 (12:12) tie against Italy. In that match, Dimitrioski scored 2 goals, while Eurofarm Rabotnik's stars, Martin Velkovski and Bojan Madzovski, added 1 goal each. After that, North Macedonia played two matches against Georgia. In the first clash where North Macedonia secured 25:21 (12:12) victory, Martin Velkovski scored 4 goals, Mazdovski added 2, while Dimitrioski scored one goal. In the second clash, North Macedonia was once again better. This time, the end result was 29:28 (17:14). Incredible Dimitrioski netted 6 times for the winning team, while Madzovski added 1 goal.