EHFCL Round 5 recap: Telekom Veszprem win against Vardar, first points of the season for Tatran Presov

Tatran Presov

Round 5 of the EHF Champions League brought many interesting moments for SEHA clubs. In one of the most exciting clashes of this round, Telekom Veszprem beat Vardar. Moreover, Slovakian Tatran Presov secured their first points of the season against another SEHA club, Eurofarm Rabotnik. 

(Group B) Meshkov Brest – PGE VIVE Kielce 27:31 (9:15)
Belarusian champions did not manage to secure another victory on the home court. This time, PGE VIVE Kielce were better 27:31 (9:15). From the beginning, the guests showed serious ambitions for winning the points. They already had 7:2 advantage in the 12th minute. After that, Meshkov Brest tried to come back into the match. At one point, they were just 2 goals down, but the guest team stepped up their play once again at finished the first half with 15:9. The second half was a routine job for Kielce. They were holding onto their advantage and finished the match without too much drama on the court. Uladzislau Kulesh was the best scorer in the winning team with 7 goals. On the other side, William Accambray netted 6 times for Meshkov Brest. 

(Group B) Telekom Veszprem – Vardar 39:30 (21:17)
In the brilliant clash between two SEHA clubs, Hungarian champions were better than Vardar 39:30 (21:17). After their big victory on the home court in the previous round, Telekom Veszprem continued their winning streak. For the whole time they were dominating on the court. At the end, Hungarian gem secured another important victory and new points in front of their fans. Rasmus Lauge Schmidt was the biggest star in the home team with 8 goals, while Timur Dibirov was the best scorer in Vardar's team with 8 goals as well. 

(Group B) Porto Sofarma – Motor Zaporozhye 35:35 (15:15)
Very interesting clash is behind Ukrainian champions, Motor Zaporozhye. After a tough 60 minutes against Porto Sofarma, the teams ended the match with a 35:35 (15:15) tie. Even though the home team started the match better and were in the lead for the most time of the first half, Motor Zaporozhye did not alow them to secure big advantage. In the second half the teams were completely equal. However, Porto Sofarma had the chance to win this match as they were up by 2 goals in the 59th minute, but Barys Pukhouski and Igor Soroka netted for Motor Zaporozhye and secured a draw at the end. Andre Gomes, who netted 8 times for Porto Sofarma was the best scorer in the home team. With 12 goals, Barys Pukhouski was the biggest star in Motor Zaporozhye's team. 

(Group A) PPD Zagreb – MOL-Pick Szeged 21:26 (10:15) For the fifth time in the row this season, PPD Zagreb did not manage to win points. In Sunday's clash, Hungarian MOL-Pick Szeged secured 26:21 (15:10) victory in Arena Zagreb. Croatian champions were holding great in the first half and were even in the lead a few times. But, by the end of the first 30 minutes, the guests had 5 goals advantage which was impossible to reach in the second half. Marin Sipic stood out in the PPD Zagreb's squad with 6 goals. On the other side, Mario Sostaric and Jorge Maqueda Peda netted 5 times each for the guest team.

(Group C) Eurofarm Rabotnik – Tatran Presov 23:24 (14:13)
Slovakian team Tatran Presov will remeber the 5th round of the EHF Champions League as they secured their first points of the season. Slavko Goluza's squad celebrated their first victory in this season in the away appearance. They were better than Eurofarm Rabotnik 24:23 (13:14). The home team entered the match more confident and were leading for the most time in the first half. They even had 4 goals advantage at one point, but Tatran Presov made a come back. The guests tied the result in the 52nd minute and got in the lead in 53rd minute. The teams were tied in the 58th minute, but Janus Lapajne then scored the winning goal for Tatran Presov. Vladislav Ostroushko was the most efficiend scorer in the home team with 8 goals while Oliver Rabek netted 7 times for the winning team.