Alonso: “I am satisfied with my team's performance“

Raul Alonso

Meshkov Brest - Eurofarm Rabotnik 31:22 (19:12)
(Vailupau 6, Kulak 5, Yurynok 5 / Ojleski 5; Mitrevski 9 saves )

Stevce Alushovski, Eurofarm Rabotnik coach:
First of all I want to congratulate Meshkov Brest and thank Raul Alonso for this match. My team lost this match in the first 10 minutes. We played without power in defense and attack. Meshkov Brest scored five or six easy goals. After that it was difficult to play on the level of our opponent. 

Vladyslav Ostroushko, Eurofarm Rabotnik player:
I want to congratulate the opponents on the victory. This is our worst match in the last two months. Recently, we played every three days. Such a schedule knocked us out of rythm. Plus we lost two important players. We wanted to prove ourselves worthy, but it turned out unworthy. Meshkov Brest were a head stronger.

Raul Alonso, Meshkov Brest coach:
I want to thank for the nice words about our team. I also want to say the same about Eurofarm. They did a great job. Our preparation for this match was very, very serious. We knew how good Eurofarm are when they play on their best level. It’s hard to play in this competition when you travel a lot. Two important players from their team couldn’t play all 60 minutes. I’m satisfied with my team's performance. We had a good plan and tried to start good. We got this advantage. I’m also happy with my playmakers. They did a good tactical job. We made a lot of changes at the start of second half. Some players were not warmed up enough. So that was not a good period of time for us. But then we found our way back into the match. We gave a lot of minutes to a lot of players. That's also important.

Artsiom Kulak, Meshkov Brest player:
I want to thank the opponents for the fair play. We knew about their long travels. They returned from Zagreb and then went on a trip again. Therefore, we wanted to set a good pace from the beginning of the match and hold it until the end. We did it. There was a slight decline at the beginning of the second half, but then we got together and achieved a victory.