Mrakovcic: “We managed to do what we came for in Dom Sportova 2 - win“

Luka Mrakovcic

PPD Zagreb - Eurofarm Rabotnik 24:23 (11:11)
(Sipic 4, Mrakovcic 4, Horvat 4 / Jotic 5, Ostroushko 5)

Stevce Alushovski, Eurofarm Rabotnik coach:
Congratulation to PPD Zagreb on their victory and fair play. I would also like to congratulate to my friend, Veselin Vujovic on his first victory on PPD Zagreb bench since he came back to the club. This match was a really tough one. This is the fifth match that we lost with just one goal difference. We need to work hard now to improve for the upcoming matches. 

Lovro Jotic, Eurofarm Rabotnik player: 
It is nice to be back in Zagreb, but it felt weird to play against my former teammates. I would like to thank to the coach Vujevic on the nice words. The match was extremely tough, Zagreb had an amazing 5-1 defense, they led for the most time in the second half, but we managed to be close for a really long time. Because this is our fifth defeat with only one goal difference, we are a little sad that we didn't at least tied in the end. But now we will focus on our next match against Meshkov Brest. 

Veselin Vujovic, PPD Zagreb coach: 
I would like to thank Stevce for his kind words and I'm sad that they keep losing the matches with one goal difference. This was a really competative match, and Lovro Jotic has become a brilliant player. He gave us a lot of problems alongside their line player. Both sides played really good and we gave our best. Today we won, maybe tomorrow they will. 

Luka Mrakovcic, PPD Zagreb player:
I was so excited to get back on the court after my injury. This was very important match for us and after three losses, we had to win. The guest team were really good both in the attack and defense. We had some troubles, but we managed to do what we came for in Dom Sportova 2 - win.