Easy home victory for Motor Zaporozhye

Motor Zaporozhye

Ukrainian champions, Motor Zaporozhye have once again demonstrated incredible skills on the court and secured big victory against Beijing Sport University 41:19 (23:4). 

Even though the guests had some great reactions in defence, they did not manage to use that and score a goal. Motor Zaporozhye turned that in their favour and scored two back to back goals. After just seven minutes on the court, Ukrainian champions were 4 goals up. That advantage gave them additional motive and they just kept scoring. Incredible Gennadiy Komok on the goal was one of the key players in Motor's squad in the first half. He had 10 saves which allowed his team to make a huge advantage on the half time. 

With only 4 goals scored in the first half, it was obvious that Beijing Sport University will not be able to come back into the match and turn the result in their favour. The home team's advantage was getting bigger and bigger with each minute that passed. 

Incredible Oleksandr Kasai scored 12 goals for Motor Zaporozhye, while Yu Wang and Peijie Huang netted 4 times each for the guest team. 

Beijing Sport University will play their next match on the 30th of September against Croatian Nexe, while Motor Zaporozhye will meet with Sercian Vojvodina on the 1st of October.