Nexe sign Serbian national team player Zivan Pesic

Nexe, Dumencic

Nexe did not wait long after Marin Sipic announced he will be on the move this summer signing with PPD Zagreb. Newest line asset in Nasice is Serbian national team player Zivan Pesic who is arriving from Spanish Ademar Leon where he last season led the team in scoring.

“Pesic is a Serbian national team player who I believe will be a quality asset for us next season. He is versatile and good on both sides of the court. I also hope he will not be our final reinforcement for next year“, stated Nexe president Josip Ergovic.

Nexe have already announced signing of line player Gianfranco Pribetic, right winger Fran Mileta, middle back Ivan Dumencic and left back Tomislav Severac. Apart from Sipic three more players have also announced they will be on the move after the end of the season - Patrik Leban, Aljaz Lavric and Can Celebi.