Top 10 saves of the 2018/19 season

Top 10 saves

The 8th season of the SEHA – Gazprom League was full of excellent plays. Throughout the season we saw so many amazing saves by all goalkeepers. Even though Dejan Milosavljev and Moreno Car stood out with their incredible stops, other goalkeepers also had their moments, so make sure to check out which 10 saves made our list for this season!

10. Svetislav Verkic (Vojvodina) 

9. Matej Mandic (Izvidjac)

8. Bojan Perovic (Vojvodina)

7. Mario Cvitkovic (Tatran Presov)

6. Radivoje Ristanovic (PPD Zagreb)

5. Josip Kvesic (Izvidjac)

4. Ivan Pesic (Meshkov Brest)

3. Nikola Danilovski (Metalurg)

2. Dejan Milosavljev (Vardar)

1. Moreno Car (Nexe)