Djukic: "I’d like to congratulate my teammates on a quality, fighting performance"

Darko Djukic

Nexe - Meshkov Brest 26:29 (16:16)

(Jaganjac 5, Loncar 4 / Djukic 9)

Hrvoje Horvat, NEXE coach:
Well-deserved win for Meshkov. We should have been better in defense today and I hope this match will not leave a negative impact on our team. We have our goals and plans but it wasn’t easy to prepare for Meshkov only three days after Vardar. Good thing is we’ve managed to give some of our younger players a chance to prove themselves against a quality opponent. We have some injury problems at the moment but I believe in this team and the fact that we’ll rise once again.

Vladan Loncar, NEXE player:
We started the match off quite slowly and relaxed, perhaps because of the fact we’ve already managed to secure final tournament spot. Once they managed to open the gap it was not easy to get back into it. Final four tournament is now ahead of us but we still have plenty to work on before that.

Alonso Sanguino Raul, Meshkov assistant coach:
We’re very proud of this win because we arrived here with only 12 players and after the match we played on Monday evening. About 30 or 40 minutes into the match it became clear we might end up winning it and we did everything we could to eventually pull it off.

Darko Djukic, Meshkov player:
I’d like to congratulate my teammates on a quality, fighting performance. We arrived here with a weakened team but played the way we agreed to and in the end reached a win. We’re now waiting for the final tournament we’ll host which is why I feel like we’ll have a good chance.