Cvitkovic: “Deserved win for us today“

Tatran - Izvidjac

Tatran Presov - Izvidjac 29:22 (14:8)

(Hrstka 6; Cvitkovic 15 saves / Cutura 5, Primorac 5)

Slavko Goluza, Tatran Presov coach:
We’ve managed to secure three points today but the outing was far from good. We did have some tough training sessions lately and the legs were obviously heavy but we must do better. I will repeat, some players must give more, put in more effort. 

Mario Cvitkovic, Tatran Presov goalkeeper: 
Deserved win for us today against a team which is not bad at all. They have some young, talented players and I’m sure their future will be quite bright. We proved why we were given the favourite role prior to the encounter displaying a certain level of experience. However, Ljubuski in my opinion deserve a better position in the standings than they have at the moment. 

Mario Bjelis, Izvidjac coach: 
Congrats to Tatran which this season has a team that is still fighting to book a F4 place. And I hope they’ll make it in the end. Tatran deserved to win today but maybe not with that much of a goal gap. 

Ivan Herceg, Izvidjac player: 
We lost today but fought hard throughout the full course of the encounter. However, this match proved to us we can compete against quality teams and we must work even harder in order to be able to come closer to favoured opponents in the future.