Goluza: "It wasn't easy to find the right motivation after a tough loss in Russia"

Slavko Goluza

Tatran Presov - PPD Zagreb 31:21 (16:10)

(Butorac 9, Krok 4 / Eres 8, Bozic-Pavletic, Buric, Potocnik 3)

Davor Rokavec, PPD Zagreb coach:
Tatran delivered a solid outing today really. I feel like we had too many ups and downs in this one as a result of the fact we missed a lot of players and simply weren't able to answer their tempo and intensity.

Josip Eres, PPD Zagreb player:
We tried our best today but as the match was coming to a close Tatran started scoring easy goals opening the gap and as coach said we didn't really have an answer for that which was the key in this one. Congrats to Tatran on a good performance of course.

Slavko Goluza, Tatran Presov coach:
It wasn't easy to find the right motivation after a tough loss in Russia. No matter the fact PPD Zagreb arrived here without some of their most important players we played a good match and were highly-focused from the very beginning. I believe we played a good match overall, rotated the full squad giving some of our younger players a chance to prove what they're capable of against a quality opponent. I'd like to congratulate my players but also to Zagreb on delivering a good match despite of arriving here with a quite weakened roster as I said already.

Dominik Krok, Tatran Presov player:
Our goal today was to bounce back psychologically after a quite poor performance against Chehovskie Medvedi and we were really eager to deliver the best possible outing. I believe we played a good match overall on both sides of the court and in the end sealed the deal in this one.