Vojvodina eager to stun tired heroes from Flensburg

Vojvodina - PPD

Four days after they made the biggest surprise of VELUX EHF Champions League season so far defeating Flensburg away from home, Croatian champs will look to prolong good streak playing Serbian champions Vojvodina in Novi Sad. Boris Rojevic and his players will surely be full motivated to defeat a team which has only a few days ago managed to beat favored German team and which will travel to Serbia without their head coach Lino Cervar but his assistant and former player Tonci Valcic.
Teams are waiting for the encounter in quite good form. Vojvodina were in the last round only a few seconds away from surprising Steaua in Bucharest with the team made out of youngsters and experienced players like Verkic, Celica and Trkulja playing better from each week.
Interesting Sunday evening (19.00 CET) is definitely ahead of fans who decide to attend the match in Slana bara sports hall.

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach:
They are each season among the biggest favorites to go all the way in each competition. I mean they managed to beat Flensburg away from home which says quite much so this will definitely be a big challenge for us. We are slowly starting to play better but we're still waiting for injured players to return in order to reach full strength. Of course, I'd like to invite fans to attend this spectacle.

Dusko Celica, Vojvodina player:
I know Zagreb very well, I played there and I know a lot about their system. They have a strong team each season and I believe this match will be a great chance for our players to progress. We're still heating up as a team, trying to get things to work the right way as we have many new players.

Tonci Valcic, PPD Zagreb assistant coach:
Vojvodina have a good, strong team and they showcased it already in the first round convincingly defeating Zeleznicar in Nis. We have to take the match seriously as they will most definitely look to defeat us at home. We are quite 'empty' after the victory in Germany but we have a young team and I believe they will perform well in Novi Sad. Three points are our goal and we'll do everything to achieve that.

Tin Kontrec, PPD Zagreb player:
Big win but also a tough CL match is behind us with a long trip to Flensburg and back clearly taking its toll. We've played all the matches this season, except one in Nasice, on a high level and we'll look to deliver a solid approach and performance once again in Slana bara. Tonci Valcic and coach Rokavec will lead us in this one which will be a bit strange but on the other hand we're used to working with Valcic as he was our teammate until this season so I don't think this will be a problem really. He was an amazing player and is doing the same as an assistant coach.