Horvat: "Izvidjac played well"


Izvidjac - Nexe 23:24 (13:13)

(Delic 5, Kaludjerevic 5 / Zrnic 5, Leban 4)

Hrvoje Horvat, NEXE coach:

Match was really exciting and interesting. I believe spectators enjoyed it. Izvidjac delivered a solid performance once again and showed us how bad we can look when we don’t give our best.

Mario Bjelis, Izvidjac coach:

A really tough match is behind us. I’m happy with the way we opened it but after it we lost that quality tempo we had at the beginning. I hope our fans and all the spectators are satisfied with what they’ve seen today.

Patrik Leban, NEXE player:

We knew it won’t be easy, our coach warned us about Izvidjac and how good they can be. I don’t think we gave our best today and we must use this as a lesson.

Domagoj Alilovic, Izvidjac player:

We knew it won’t be easy. I think we overall prepared well for the match but simply lacked fighting spirit in certain moments which in the end proved to be decisive.