EHFCL & EHF Cup preview: Vardar start the ¼ finals, Nexe host Fuechse Berlin


Both SEHA teams still in European competitions are going to play against German teams. Vardar are heading over to Kiel and play THW Kiel in the first leg of the ¼ final clash of the Champions League, whilst Nexe have one of the biggest matches in recent year, hosting Fuechse Berlin in the EHF Cup ¼ finals.

EHFCL ¼ finals: Sunday April 22nd 17:00 THW Kiel- Vardar
After winning the fourth SEHA – Gazprom League title, Vardar continue their hunt towards defending the European throne. THW Kiel are in the way for the Macedonian squad, as they defeated the Hungarian Pick Szeged with a total of 56:50. The Germans are definitely on the rise, but have recorded some poor results earlier in the season, including a defeat against Celje PL at home, which proves their vulnerability. The two teams have not met each other since 2010, when Kiel took home a big 10-goal victory. Vardar deservedly took the first spot in Group A, and therefore did not have to play in the previous round. It is surely going to be a great encounter between the big clubs, with Vardar probably being the slight favourites considering the entire season’s form!

EHF Cup ¼ finals: Saturday April 21st 19:00 Nexe- Fuechse Berlin
This is going to be one of the biggest matches in club’s history, as Nexe were never in this stage of the competition. The opponent might not be more demanding- the German giants Fuechse Berlin. They recorded 5 wins in the group stage, only losing to St. Raphael in the opening round of the competition. Nexe have also done quite well in the group stage, recording 4 wins in 6 matches. The only 2 losses came against another strong German side- Frisch Auf Goeppingen. They should be well prepared for this match, as they probably focused more on the EHF Cup than the domestic championship, which resulted in 2 losses against Dubrava and Varazdin. History is going to be written on Saturday in Nasice!