EHFCL & EHF Cup recap: Nexe qualify for the EHF Cup ¼ finals

Nexe - Dinamo

SEHA clubs Nexe and Tatran Presov played the final group matches of the EHF Cup. The final result was much better for the Croatian team, as they qualified for the next round. Meshkov Brest recorded a draw against Nantes in the knock-out phase of the Champions League, but the French team is still going through because of the first leg.


Group A: SKA Minsk - Tatran Presov 34:27 (14:12)
The Slovakian champions did well enough in the first half, as the lead was still pretty much within reach. However, it was the last 15 minutes or so, that decided the final outcome of this match. Unstoppable Kulesh scored 9 goals for the hosts, who proved that they prepared very well for this match. Jakub Hrstka scored 11 goals for Tatran, but they will have to admit their defence was not good enough in this match. Tatran Presov end their EHF Cup campaign in fourth place with 3 points.

Group C: Cocks - Nexe 20:22 (10:14)
A fantastic defensive performance for the Croatian vice-champions to warrant their fourth win in the group stage of the competition this season. This win gave them 8 points on the campaign, which was enough to ensure a place in the ¼ finals. Nexe looked more experienced and more prepared than their opponents and deservedly took home 2 points. Vedran Zrnic scored 7 and Marko Buvinic added 6 goals to lead the way for Nexe. It remains to be seen which team they are going to play in the next round, after a historic success for the club!

Last 16 EHFCL

HBC Nantes - Meshkov Brest 28:28 (14:17)
A much better performance than the one about a week ago in Belarus. The Belarusian side needed a 9-goal win in this one, which proved to be a too difficult task for them. However, they ended up displaying a good performance which can maybe boost their confidence ahead of the SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4. Shumak scored 7 goals, Nikulenkau and Shylovich both netted 5 times and Rade Mijatovic recorded 12 saves. This draw ends a solid EHFCL campaign for Bebeshko’s men.