EHFCL and EHF Cup Recap: Vardar finish 1st in Group A, Nexe achieve another win

Vardar - Meshkov Brest

It was the last round of the group stage in the Champions League and we know all the teams that will participate in the next stage. Vardar topped Group A and Meshkov Brest had already known they are going through. Celje PL and PPD Zagreb are unfortunately out of the competition, as they finished out of the Top 6 in Groups A and B. PPD Zagreb played a tough match against Kristianstad, but could not get a win that would have sent them to the next round. Tatran Presov and Nexe also played their games in the EHF Cup group stage.

Champions League

Group B: PGE Vive Kielce - Meshkov Brest 33:28 (20:17)
A match that was more important for Kielce than Meshkov, as they wanted to ensure the best possible position in Group B, whereas Meshkov Brest would have stayed 6th regardless of the outcome. It was a high-scoring match in the first half, when both teams played quite quick and free-flowing. Offensive play was efficient with both sides, but Kielce were confident of getting a win here, and proved it on the court. Alex Dujshebaev scored 6 goals for the Polish champions, whilst Meshkov's top scorer was Siarhei Shylovich with 6. Both teams had three other players score 4 goals.

Group B: Telekom Veszprem - Celje PL 29:22 (13:11)
People might have expected more goals in this match, as Celje had no chance of going through to the next round. However, Veszprem needed a win, in order to stay 2nd in Group B, behind Paris-Saint Germain. The Slovenian champions resisted quite well in the first half, but their offense was at times not good enough to keep up with the hosts. In the end, it was a good win for a former SEHA- Gazprom League side Veszprem. Mate Lekai scored 6 for them, and Celje PL were led by Jaka Malus who had 6 goals, and Borut Mackovsek added 5 more. Celje can be proud of many performances in this competition, they had some really good matches!

Group A: Vardar - Orlen Wisla Plock 31:31 (16:16)
Although Vardar would have stayed 1st in Group A, they still wanted to get a win against Wisla Plock and finish the group stage on a high. It was a tough match, as the Polish side needed a win to reach the next stage. After all, both scenarios did not happen and both teams had to settle for a draw. It means Vardar are 1st in Group A, Wisla came 7th, since Kristianstad defeated PPD Zagreb in Croatia. In this unusually high-scoring match, the Croatian duo Cindric- Karacic combined for 13 goals and helped Vardar ensure a point.

Group A: PPD Zagreb - Kristianstad 24:27 (10:10)
After an encouraging start to the match for the hosts, Kristianstad managed to capitalise on some mistakes made by PPD Zagreb and get back into the match. They had a brilliant second half, scoring 17 goals, most of them coming in the middle of the second 30 minutes. This win gives Kristianstad a ticket to the next stage of the competition, and PPD Zagreb have to settle for the bottom of Group A. Damir Bicanic and Zlatko Horvat were the most reliable scoring options for PPD Zagreb; Horvat has 8 and Bicanic scored 7. Tim Sorensen and Albin Lagergren gave PPD Zagreb a lot of trouble with 9 and 6 goals. Kristianstad deservedly go through, but PPD Zagreb showed a great fighting spirit.


Group A: SC Magdeburg - Tatran Presov 36:24 (22:12)
The match was quite similar to the one these two teams played in Presov about a week ago. Magdeburg looked even more confident offensively, and they were simply too good for the Slovakian champions. The German side has won all four matches in Group A, and they are looking very dangerous at the moment. Hrstka (8), Cip (7) and Butorac (5) scored most of the goals for Tatran Presov who just could not find the answer right from the start. They still have 1 point in Group A.

Group C: Nexe - RD Koper 29:24 (15:12)
After beating Koper last week, Nexe managed to repeat the same success this weekend in front of their fans in Nasice. They established a lead early on in the match, and were disciplined enough to keep it throughout the entire match. A great campaign in the EHF Cup continues for Nexe, who now won three matches in a row. Nexe are now in a great position to qualify for the ¼ finals, with 6 points after 3 rounds!