Pesic: “Very good performance and lots of positive things“

Ivan Pesic

Nexe - Meshkov Brest 19:29 (9:17)

(Sipic 5; Pilipovic 11 saves / Rutenka 6, Shumak 5; Pesic 16 saves) 


Hrvoje Horvat, NEXE coach:
Goalkeepers were the only good thing for us in this very bad defeat I have to say. They are doing good match in - match out. Meshkov entered the match seriously, fully focused and by that had excellent Pesic. Our approach was not as good and the result is this. Very good warning for us, I believe it came in the right time.


Kristian Pilipovic, NEXE goalkeeper:
Meshkov were better today, they deserved this win. We made a lot of technical mistakes, especially in the first when they initially opened the gap. We must be way better against Cocks on Sunday.

Sergey Bebeshko, Meshkov Brest coach:
Very important match for us, another big step towards F4. Seventh match in only 15 days for us and I'm happy to say we did good. We opened the match well, Pesic made a few great saves and we started opening the gap. In the second half we slowed the rhythm down a bit but I'm satisfied because we were able to try some players who usually don't play as much.

Ivan Pesic, Meshkov Brest goalkeeper:
I'm very satisfied with how we all did today as a team, from match approach to focus level throughout the full course of the game. Very good performance and lots of positive things. However, most important thing is to keep it going.