Shumak: "In the second half we displayed our defensive strength”

Meshkov Brest - PPD Zagreb

Meshkov Brest - PPD Zagreb 24:23 (11:9)

(Horak 4; Pesic 17 saves / Bicanic 8, Vuglac 3, Kontrec 3)

Zlatko Saracevic, PPD Zagreb coach:
We performed well only in the first half. Later we tried to get back into this one by changing the defensive formation in final two minutes. However, we made too many mistakes todays and by that Pesic did an excellent job between posts.

Urh Kastelic, PPD Zagreb goalkeeper:
We were trailing throughout the bigger part of the match but even despite of that we did not give up all the way until the final whistle. We played well and I believe we’ll manage to achieve all our goals for the season in case we keep on working the way we’re working and hustling now.

Sergei Bebeshko, Meshkov Brest coach: 
Today we witnessed a match between two teams that are playing well in Champions League. Match was tough but fair in my opinion and I am glad there were no injuries. I have to congratulate my players, especially on their first-half performance in which only their goalie prevented us from opening the score gap early. Pesic was brilliant tonight too, our defense worked well in the second and that decided the game. However, their 3-2-1 defense created a lot of problems for us in final minutes as we were a bit lost making some unforced mistakes but in the end we won and that’s what matters. There is still room for improvement but I repeat I have to congratulate my players on this hard-fought victory today.

Viacheslau Shumak, Meshkov Brest player:
We won. Pesic did a tremendous job. In the second half we displayed our defensive strength but were not focused enough in the attack allowing too many steals. Win is however all that matters after all.

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