Juric-Grgic: "Good approach means success against Dinamo!"


Dinamo Pancevo will try to win their first points in front of their home fans in their third attempt on Tuesday (19.00 CET). Nexe Nasice will on the other hand surely do everything in order to widen the gap between them and teams from the lower part of the table with a win in Pancevo. Ivan Petkovic and his team on the other side see their chance of making progress on League' s table with a win over Nexe which would bring them 2-7 score after the first part of SEHA season. 

Ivan Petkovic, Dinamo Pancevo coach: 
After two months we will play in front of our home fans again and we are looking forward to it. I'd like to invite fans to come and support us against a good team like Nexe. For those who don't know, Nexe qualified for EHF Cup group stage and are a club which invested a lot in last 10 years. They can play against anyone in SEHA Gazprom League and stay close for at least 50 minutes. They have a young coach who likes to play 7-on-6, very good line players, Barisic Jaman as a leader, and some young national team players. However, we are going to try to play a good match in front of our home fans, stay balanced for as long as we can and to try to make a surprise beating rivals who are favored in this match. 

Savo Slavuljica, Dinamo Pancevo right winger: 
We are eager to show our fans that we can stay close to Nexe as long as possible as proof of hard work we're putting in lately. I'd also like to invite fans to come as support us.

Hrvoje Horvat, NEXE coach: 
Our focus is on our approach in every match. We want to finish this year succesfully, because of both us and our fans. In Pancevo we will see what kind of character we have. We must play an excellent match because we know how good Dinamo can be on their court. We have some minor problems with Srsen and Barisic Jaman, but only Gadza will be sidelined because of his finger injury. 

Josip Juric-Grgic, NEXE player: 
After a long time I'm back on the court and it feels great although I'm still not in the best form. However, I'm sure I'll be better in two weeks or so. About the match in Pancevo - if we don't start perfectly punishment will come. However if we display good approach we have a very big chance to win this. 

Match will be broadcasted on Arena Sport channels, ehf TV and Sport TV (Slovenia).