Horvat: "In the second half we've stepped on the court without emotions, without real desire"

Hrvoje Horvat

Meshkov Brest - Nexe 35:23 (14:13)

(Igropulo 9 / Sipic 7, Zrnic 7)


Sergey Bebeshko, Meshkov Brest coach:
There are no weak opponents in SEHA League and Nexe is just another proof of that. They proved it during the first half. Our performance was not bad either. However, we did miss some clear looks and I guess switching from CL to SEHA League affected us in a certain way. We were also not able to rotate much because we’ll tomorrow play domestic championship match so we have to stay fresh. In the second half we were better in defense, Mijatovic had some great saves. We’ve also managed to score some easy goals after their powerplay actions and the deal was pretty much sealed with a bit more than 20 minutes left to play. In the end it all came down the way we wanted. Players who did not spend much time on court will have a chance to prove what they are capable of tomorrow.


Aleh Astrashapkin, Meshkov Brest player:
In the first half it was a competitive match. However, during the half-time break, we analyzed what we were doing wrong and the result was completely different handball in the second half. By the middle of the second we were already 6 goals up and in the end we’ve reached a convincing win.

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
Our performance in the first half was good as we managed to force the opponent to play the game the way we wanted. In the second half however we’ve stepped on the court without emotions, without real desire. I am really disappointed with the second half. On the other hand we must be realistic and admit Meshkov proved their top class today.

Ivan Koncul, Nexe player:
We were not bad until the half-time break when we simply lost focus. You have to keep on fighting throughout all 60 minutes if you wish to achieve a positive result against a team like Brest.