NEXE finish strong to beat Metalurg in their final SEHA match of the season

Pobjeda NEXE-a na završetku SEHA Gazprom sezone

Nexe - Metaurg

NEXE have managed to beat Metalurg 27:22 in their final match of the regular part of the season in Nasice. With this outcome it is now clear that Gorenje have, earlier today, with a win over Izvidjac secured themself sixth position. NEXE will end up seventh, Metalurg eighth.

First half was quite narrow but in the second, NEXE have on wings of their goalie Perica Lelic managed to enlarge the gap which has later proved to be crucial for their win today. In the end 27:22 with goalkeepers taking main roles on both sides. Lelic finished the match with 14 and Arsic on the other side had 1 less.

Hrvoje Horvat, NEXE coach:
It is a great honor to lead the team against a team led by such a great coach like Lino Cervar. This is one of the reason why I came here to Nasice. It was a great tactical battle all the way. We've known Metalurg have 'shorter bench' and a few injured players so we were obviously looking to use that. I'd like to congratulate my players on keeping focus level high.   

Ivan Srsen, NEXE player:
We've had some problems with Metalurg's 7-vs-6 attacking option. We were preparing for that and as the match was passing by we were getting better and better on defensive end. Very good match, interesting until the very end.

Lino Cervar, Metalurg coach:
Deserved win for NEXE. We've had too many ups and downs in this one. We were looking to play good all the way until the end but we were simply making too many technical mistakes missing couple of clear chances. Good handball in a very good atmosphere.

Martin Velkovski, Metalurg player:
NEXE are a good team and they've proved that today. We were fighting throughout the whole match but we've made some technical mistakes which have obviously decided this one.