PPD Zagreb secure F4 in Nasice, Markovic and Miklavcic lead the way with 6 each

PPD Zagreb u Našicama potvrdio Final four

Nexe - PPD Zagreb

Another great derby and another win for PPD Zagreb. NEXE have once again managed to provide quite good resistance but it was not enough to stun favored guys from Zagreb. In the end 23:25 and a confirmation for Zagreb that they will find their place on League's Final Four tournament. NEXE's biggest problem occurred in the middle of the first with their playmaker Gadza being forced to leave the game due to knee injury. However, after 30 minutes teams were leveled. In the second half guests have managed to speed up the tempo eventually enlarging the gap to 4 but NEXE did not surrender with Vedran Zrnic bringing them to only 1-goal deficit with less than a minute to play. Zagreb's experienced captain Zlatko Horvat was however there to seal the deal and bring Zagreb valuable 3 points. Perica Lelic was NEXE's strongest link with 11 saves while on the other side Markovic and Miklavcic netted 6 each for Zagreb.

Hrvoje Horvat, NEXE coach:
I am still under impression because of Gadza's injury. I hope it will not turn out to be serious. Everything else, beside that, was great, excellent atmosphere, good match. We were close, we've played a competitive match in a Croatian derby which is good. We're still growing.

Perica Lelic, NEXE goalkeeper:
PPD Zagreb deserved to win this. Tough match, real derby. Zagreb are a better team at the moment but it's good for us that we've managed to make small things decide the match staying close all the way until the end.   

Silvio Ivandija, PPD Zagreb coach:
Very tight match, real one for true handball lovers. NEXE have surely grown to another level and it's good we've managed to beat them because we're still a bit tired after CL. I'm glad we were able to control the match in the second half.  

David Miklavcic, PPD Zagreb player:  
That was a real and good Croatian derby. We were a bit nervous which resulted in some technical mistakes but that's how it goes. We are a bit tired at the moment but victory is all that matters. NEXE have once again delivered a good performance. You always have to give your 100% best against them.