NEXE still without points, Hrstka 9/9

NEXE i dalje bez boda, Hrstka 9/9

Nexe - Tatran

Match between old rivals in the season's premier in Nasice between NEXE and Tatran finished with guests taking a 31:25 victory. That means NEXE are still without points this season even after the premier encounter at home.

Tatran has opened the match much better and after 9 minutes coach Kordi was already forced to call a time-out after guests scored 5 goals in a row. After that NEXE has woken up eventually reducing the gap but after 30 minutes it was again +3 for Slovak team.

First ten minutes of the second half have decided the match with NEXE having two players sidelined for two minutes at the same time. Tatran has in that period managed to enlarge the gap to +5 again which they were able to keep until the end. Tatran had good goalie Chupryna with 11 saves. Hrstka scored 9 goals from 9 attempts and Rabek added 6.

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE's coach:
First of all congratulations to Tatran. They've had excellent goalkeeper. We've made lots of mistakes which has in the end decided the match. There were simply too many missed shots and technical mistakes.  

Albin Eter, NEXE's player:
Tatran's goalkeeper Chupryna was excellent from the beginning of the match. After bad start of the match and bad first few minutes of the second it was simply impossible for us to get back into this one. Mistake after mistake for us in this one unfortunately.

Rastislav Trtik, Tatran's coach:
I'd like to thank the team of Nasice for being an excellent host. Today we were a better team. We've finished on top because we were better in both attack and defense. Our goalkeepers were on great level and I'd like to thank them and all of our players.

Igor Chupryna, Tatran's goalkeeper:
I am very happy because of this victory. We've prepared our tactics for the match well, listened to our coach throughout the match and did everything he asked from us.