Janković and Zrnić put on a show in a draw in Borik

Janković i Zrnić po 10 za remi u Boriku

Borac m:tel - Nexe

Borac and NEXE have played a draw (27:27) in the last appearance of the season for the team from Banja Luka in SEHA Gazprom League and in a match which has ended NEXE’ hopes of catching Tatran and finishing the regular season on fifth place. A narrow, tense match for fans in Borik with neither team managing to  enlarge the gap to more than 3 throughout the clash. Best player in the roster of the team from Našice was Vedran Zrnić with 10 goals and on the other side Stefan Janković scored as much for hosts.

NEXE will in the next round, in more than 15 days travel to Macedonia to meet Maks Strumica.

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE’ coach: 

Tough game just like we’ve expected it to be. I knew that Borac’ players will do everything to play best they can. They’ve pulled some aces up their sleeves which we were experiencing troubles dealing with. However, we’ve managed to remain focused and in the end reached good result for us. We’ve rotated much which resulted in some mistakes but we’ve managed to keep the team fresh and ready and in the end reach a point.

Tibor Jurjević, NEXE’ player:

It was a fair match on both sides. I’d like to congratulate to our opponents which were in lead throughout the bigger part of the game but we’ve managed to get back to life in the end. We could’ve maybe even celebrated today but details have decided today’ encounter. I am pleased with the way my team has managed to remain focused.

Boris Dvoršek, Borac m:tel’coach:

Interesting match, narrow until the very end. We’ve both had our chances to take the victory and that makes this a fair result - a draw. We’ve opened the match well, good in defense. However, NEXE are a quality teams and that made this match more interesting for fans. We’ve managed to rise after the bad match against Vojvodina and I think we’ve played well today. We’re now turning towards our domestic championship and Cup where our goal is to win the double crown.

Tibor Ivanišević, Borac m:tel’ goalkeeper:

We’ve showed character and managed to play well after series of bad results. Team match in which we’ve proved we can fight until the last minute. We did not give up even when NEXE were two goals up. I hope we’ll now play on this level and even better.