Vardar' victory in Našice with excellent Cindrić

Vardarova pobjeda u Našicama s odličnim Cindrićem

NEXE - Vardar

In the first match in Našice' renovated hall Macedonian champions Vardar have managed to catch a victory against home team NEXE (29:36). Before the match NEXE's fans, president Josip Ergović and all members of the team have congratulated Luka Cindrić, member of Croatian national team on bronze medal on European championship in Poland. Cindrić thanked for all that on the field with excellent match and 11 goals. NEXE have started the match very bad, seven minutes without a goal. In that time Vardar had six goal advantage. After that NEXE have played better especially in defense with some good saves by goalkeeper Juzbašić and they came to only two goals minus. In the middle of the second half Dibirov had two steals finishing it with two easy goals. Vardar had six goal advantage then and the winner was already decided  at that time.

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE's coach

I always feel good when I play against Vardar but the difference in quality is obvious. We've started the match badly but after that we were playing much better than in Veszprem. Fans  could see good and interesting handball.

Mirko Heceg, NEXE's player

We were a bit sleepy at the beginning making some rookie mistakes. We've tried but we were not able to reach Vardar. We must train and work hard for future challenges.

Raul Gonzalez, Vardar's coach

I am very satisfied especially with Cindrić's excellent roll. After the beginning and our six goal advantage NEXE've played much better especially in defense. They deserve congratulations. 

Luka Cindrić, Vardar's player

First of all I would like to thank people from Našice and NEXE on a pretty gift. We are very satisfied after the match especially because we are very tired after the match in Banja Luka yesterday. We were aware that the match will be tough, started good in defense deciding the match early.