Lekai and Mikler deciding it early as Veszprem grab dominant win versus NEXE

Lékai és Mikler korán döntött a Veszprém domináns győzelméről a NEXE ellen

Veszprem - NEXE

Veszprem have managed to keep the winning streak alive in SEHA Gazprom League. Hungarians have presented tremendous performance despite having roster issues after EHF EURO in Poland. Sabate’s guys were clearly eager to make their fans happy in the opener of the second part of the season.

Ilić, Lekai and Marguč have started the game furiously for hosts helping them reach 10:2 after only 14 minutes making it clear that Kordi’s guys will not be able to keep up with Hungarian team’s rhytm today.

Sabate was able to rotate his squad through the whole match with Palmarsson scoring for 22:9 after first 30.

Second half  - same story with Ilić, Marguč and this time Nilsson destroying NEXE’s pace along with remarkable Mikler between bars. Veszprem were up by 15 with a little more than 10 minutes left on the clock and it was clear who was going to take points today.

Mate Lekai netted eight goals for winners with Ivan Sršen and Tibor Jurjević scoring three goals each for Croatian vice-champions.

Xavi Sabate, Veszprem’ coach:

We’ve had a lot of respect for this match, prepared serious because NEXE have really good results this season. I am happy about the result, but we have to work a lot to improve game by game. We played well today, we were runining the court and Mikler was great in goal. Congratulations to my players and fans and I wish NEXE all the best.   

Lékai Máté, Veszprem’ playmaker:

We’ve waited for this game so much, prepared and played well. We’ve had some mistakes which we should work on for future. I hope Nexe and Veszprém will achieve their goals during the season.

Zdenko Kordi, NEXE’ coach:

Congratulations to Veszprém on a well-deserved victory. Veszprém’ve played well at every position, I am sad because of big difference. Our hall is under reconstruction, so we’ve only had two weeks to prepare for the second half of the season. I am sorry that Veszprém fans could not see a tight game. I wish all the best to Veszprém in all competitions.

Vedran Zrnić, NEXE’ player:

I agree with my coach and I hope Veszprém will win the Champions League. I think they have a good chance to do it this year.