News: Transfers

Another reinforcement for Nexe; Tomislav Severec to join in 2019/20
Nexe sign Ivan Dumencic from Dubrava Zagreb
Tatran Presov secure another signing for next season
Vid Poteko returns to Celje PL after two seasons with Meshkov Brest
Pavel Horak to join THW Kiel, Tatran Presov sign Spanish winger
Manolo Cadenas leaves Meshkov Brest, Raul Alonso in charge until the end of the season
Nexe sign young stars Gianfranco Pribetic and Fran Mileta
Patrik Leban to leave Nexe and join Celje PL
Celje PL' s Jaka Malus to join Meshkov Brest starting from next season
Big news from Slovakia: Bruno Butorac set to join Luka Sebetic in Tremblay!