First victory of the season for Spartak

Prva SEHA pobeda Spartaka

Spartak -Borac

Serbian runners-up Spartak Vojput celebrated the first win in SEHA GAZPROM League. Team from Northern Serbian city of Subotica made a joyful evening to their fans by beating Borac Banja Luka 32:29 (13:14) after 60 minutes of the great battle in the first ever home match in regional competition. Players coached by Branislav Zeljković broke the resistance of the rival by 3:0 series in the last two minutes of the match, when Čupić, Djekić and Perović scored decisive goals.

The final outcome of the tough clash couldn't be predicted after opening 12 minutes, which Borac Banja Luka ended with +6 - 9:3. Starting jitters was beaten with series of goals by young U19 NT playmaker Vukašin Rakocija. He put his team closer, on -1 in 26th minute - 11:12 and afterwards his team mate Bojan Županjac leveled the score on 13:13 just before the half-time buzzer.

Visitors from Banja Luka kept domination in the first few minutes of the second half (15:13), but their rivals made turnover for the first lead on the match in 37th minute - 18:17. The last advantage Borac had three minutes to the end was 28:27, but furios finish of the home team (5:1) sent the points on the other side...

Davorin Vujović, Borac' player:

I want to congratulate Spartak on the first win in SEHA GAZPROM league. We opened the match better, with 5-6 goals advantage, but Spartak found the rhytm until end of the first half. We were better rival in the most of the match, but thanks to our mistakes in decisive moments, we let them make advantage and celebrate at the end. 

Bojan Županjac, Spartak's player:

We began match under pressure because this was our debut at home. We began to play our game after 15 minutes, first of all, in defense, aggressive and strong. We were better in finish, stronger and with higher concentration level in attack. We scored more easy goals than our rivals. That  drove us to the victory.

Igor Rađenović, Borac' coach:

Congratulations to Spartak on three points. I wish them a lot of luck in the future. We were in good shape in the beginning, with good defense, a lot of run and easy goals, but afterwards domestic team changed defensive system. They played 5+1 and 4+2 in some moments, which made us lot of problems. We made lot of technical mistakes, which produced lot of easy goals for rival. In the ens it was a narrow match and we simply weren't good enough.

Branislav Zeljković, Spartak's coach:

I am, undoubtly, satisfied with the win. It was tough match for both coaches. Fans had a chance to see very interesting match. There were a lot of nice plays from both sides. We won the match with good defense and counter attacks. Nikola Marković i Igor Rađenović were my students. I wish them a lot of luck in their careers. They have less experience, but they had a good teacher. They just have to continue with hard work.