Croatia and Hungary dominant, SEHA clashes for EURO 2016




SEHA League has its participants in 6 out of 7 qualification group for EURO 2016 in Poland. As it for now looks, there is a big chance for 4 or even 5 selections to reach the final tournament in Poland. There will surely be Hungary, obviously Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Belarus, Serbia or Montenegro as well as Macedonia in case they manage to celebrate against Czech Republic. Only team which surely will not go through the group phase for now is Slovakia.


CROATIA is really close. After a defeat in Stavanger 27:26, in Varaždin they have managed to reach a revenge against Norway with 31:25 (PPD Zagreb' Zlatko Horvat with 7 goals) almost securing first place in group 1 which they still have to confirm in duels against weaker sides Netherlands and Turkey.


BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA AND BELARUS are in the same group (2) and will lead a battle for a place which would bring them to Poland. It also looks like the situation will be decided in the last round with Belarus coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia has last week played two matches against Lithuania winning the home one (26:23) and losing away one (19:15) which has brought them in a bit unpleasant situation knowing that they still have to travel to Denmark. Belarus was not able to surprise favorized Denmark losing twice to them last week, in Minsk (27:36) and in Aarhus (32:23) (Meshkov' Dzianis Rutenka with 5 goals). Denmark surely number 1, battle for second place continues.


SLOVAKIA has lost all chances to reach EURO losing twich to Latvia both in Dobele (25:18) and in Hlohovec (22:23) (Tatran' Rabek with 12 goals in two matches) which means Latvia will play Slovenia for position 2 while Sweden is easily cruising towards first place.


SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO will also play each other for a ticket to Poland in group 4. Montenegro, which has decided to 'freeze' its SEHA status is currently leading the group after last week's two victories over Israel - in Tel Aviv 19:22 and in Bar 33:27. Serbia has on the other side had a rough week playing two matches against Iceland losing the first one in Reykyavik clearly (38:22) and managing to reach a draw in Niš 25:25 (Veszprem' Ilić with 10 goals in two matches) which keeps their hopes to reach final tournament alive - either as 'best thrid positioned team' or as number 2 with an eventual win in Montenegro.


HUNGARY has in group 5 already secured EURO with two wins against Russia. In Chekhov it was 23:27 and in Veszprem 29:25 (Veszprem' Laszlo Nagy with 7 goals in two matches).


MACEDONIA will in group 6 have to reach a victory against Czech Republic in Skopje in the last round in order to reach Poland. Macedonians have last week lost twice against Olympic, World and European champions France - 25:27 in Skopje and 35:24 in Toulouse (Vardar' Stoilov with 6 goals in two matches).


Only team which has reached 2016 EURO before qualifications are obviously hosts Poland and by them three more places have already been secured after 4 rounds of qualifications - Hungary, France and Denmark meaning that there are still 12 more tickets left to share. Official draw will be held on 19th of June, after the end of qualifications.