FINAL 4 Semi-final 2 Zagreb for second, Veszprem for first SEHA final

najava vesz

In SEHA Gazprom League fourth season's second semi-final F4 hosts MKB MVM Veszprem will meet PPD Zagreb. Old rivals with so many matches matches behind them in last 20 years. Veszprem is clear favorite, number 1 after the regular part of the season with only 1 loss reaching semi-final directly. Zagreb have finished fourth after 18 matches in the season reaching semi-final after win over Tatran on Wednesday. In the last few years Veszprem have made a big step forward but this duel surely wakes old memories with both clubs still competing in CL. Veszprem will try to reach Cologne over PSG and Zagreb over Barcelona showing what SEHA can do on big European scene.


Zagreb are in a good form and that's why I'm sure we'll face a tough match tomorow. Our goal is to win of course, for our fans especially. We're both good in defence and I repeat, I believe it will be a really tough match.

VESELIN VUJOVIĆ, PPD Zagreb's coach:

My first goal as Zagreb's coach was to see what are this team's limits. Going match by match we've already reached quarter-finals of CL and SEHA League's F4. We think we can beat anyone, we believe in ourselves and we'll do everything to show it on court both tomorrow against Veszprem and in CL against Barcelona. We don't have any pressure, we know how young team we have, without any foreigners except Čelica unlike other teams which are among the best in Europe. We've so far this season managed to make more than a few surprises and I believe in case we manage to stay together next year each team will have certeain fear playing against us. Of course tomorrow's match will be a big experience for us.

PETER GULYAS, MKB MVM Veszprem's player:

I agree with everything, we'll tomorrow see two tough defences and better one will win. In my opinion we have to dictate the rhytm in order to win, it will be very important.

LUKA STEPANČIĆ, PPD Zagreb's player:

It will be a big honour and pleasure to play here tomorrow. We know everything about them and so do they about us. I believe we both have chance and that defences will decide the match. Only thing remaining is to see what will happen tomorrow.

Previous matches


2       2       0       0       (+8 goal difference for MKB MVM Veszprem)



MKB MVM Veszprem - PPD Zagreb 27:22

PPD Zagreb - MVM MVP Veszprem 21:24

In addition to all of that, Veszprem and Zagreb have so far played 8 matches in CL with 4 victories for Veszprem, 3 for Zagreb and 1 ending with a draw.