FINAL 4 – play-off match 2 Tatran 3-0 or third luck for PPD Zagreb

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PPD Zagreb have managed to catch a place among CL's Last 8 and Tatran were this season twice better than them making intro for this game as exciting as it could be. Croatian champions will face Slovak after two tough matches against Dannish Kolding with Tatran having much more time to rest and prepare. Zagreb with full roster, Tatran without Kristopans. Fourth F4 appearance for Zagreb, third for Tatran. Only question is 'Tatran's hattrick' or 'third luck for Zagreb'?

VESELIN VUJOVIĆ, PPD Zagreb's coach:

- We have to play the play-offs because of our results in the regular part of the season. Tatran Prešov are a good team with a lot of quality players. We are tired, we've just arrived from Copenhagen but this is not an excuse. We will do anything to win and seek the third luck. We want to be good opponent. I am happy that SEHA League is growing from year to year.

ZLATKO HORVAT, PPD Zagreb's captain:

- Tomorrow we will have tough match against Tatran. They were better than us twice this season playing smart and I believe this will be a very good match, especially becuase of the fact that we want to reach another win after triumph over Kolding . We want to prove that we can win against Tatran despite of the fact we did not have enough time to rest. I hope that we'll play good tomorrow and that it will be enough for victory.

PETER DAVID, Tatran Prešov's coach:

- We are looking forward to tomorrows game. We know they are in good mood after the game against KIF Kolding. We are struggling lately but despite of that I hope we'll play Veszprem on Friday. 

VASJA FURLAN, Tatran Prešov's player:

- I am always very optimistic although we have a lot of problems in our team. We've had some injuries. We are playing against a very good team and I wish we will play our best game so everything can happen. I hope we will play attractive handball and that audience will be happy.


Previous matches


9       4       1       4       (+9 goal difference for Zagreb)     



Zagreb - Tatran 35:29

Tatran - Zagreb 32:31

Zagreb - Tatran 31:29 (F4, semifinal)



Zagreb - Tatran 30:28

Tatran - Zagreb 26:26



Zagreb - Tatran 42:34

Tatran - Zagreb 31:28



Zagreb - Tatran 21:25

Tatran - Zagreb 24:23