Duško Čelica reinforces PPD Zagreb

Dusko Celica

PPD Zagreb have managed to sign a new reinforcement for the second part of SEHA GSS League. New signing is BIH' national player Duško Čelica whose last club was French Cesson. Čelica is 28 years old, 198 centimeters tall playing as a left back. In 23 match for Bosnia he has managed to score  50 goals. His former clubs, by Cesson were Cimos, Maribor, El Jaich from Qatar and Bosna Sarajevo. After Pavlović' recent injury due to which he will miss a bigger part of the season ahead of us and with Mandalinić who is still recovering from a tough knee injury signing a player like Čelica was an expected move from PPD Zagreb's club leaders in a need of a true left back.