Meshkov’s third win, Radnički just a step away from surprise

Meshkov Brest - Radnicki 4 (14/15)

Team from Kragujevac has had a specific goal traveling to Belarus - to play good, quality handball against favorized Meshkov and do everything to surprise them. In the end they were really close losing with only -1 (29:28) in SEHA GSS League’s round 5.

Guests form Serbia were competitive during the match even leading in several occasions but failed to keep the result, allowing hosts to come back in a short period of time.

Meshkov’ 8:1 series has between minutes 38 and 47 helped them escape to +6 (26:20).  At that point match was decided with Meshkov only needing to concentrate to finish the match.

Simo Razgor was outstanding for Meshkov scoring 11 goals from 12 attempts. Defences of both teams were the weakest parts along with goalkeepers having less than 30 percent save ratio.

This was Meshkov’s third win in SEHA GSS League this season with which they have ended series of two defeats in a row (PPD Zagreb and La Rioja). They are not fifth with 9 points.

In two weeks Meshkov will host Vojvodina, and Radnički will travel to Banja Luka.

Željko Babić, Meshkov’s coach:

- I believe my players are really exhausted, emotionally more than physically. We were preparing so hard for the match against La Rioja and that loss has ‘brought us down’ a bit and I see that as a main reason for today’s narrow loss. After 28:22 in 52nd minute we’ve started making technical errors and allowed opponent to come closer. But win is a win. 

Maksim Baranau, Meshkov's player:

- Radnički is a good team but we were today better. Win is important but we have to work harder and play better in future. I am not satisfied with my current form but I’m sure it will get better.

Nedeljko Vučković, Radnički’s coach:

- We’ve before match known how good Meshkov is but we were also aware of our today’s goal and in my opinion we were good. We do not still have required amount of experience to reach bigger things in matches against better teams but I’m sure it will come. Our performance in the first half was not bad at all and we have to do everything to play whole matches like we did in first 30 minutes today.

Slobodan Ervačanin, Radnički’s player:

- We were really trying to reach points today and it is a shame we were not in the end able to reach at least one. This is our first season, squad was formed a bit late and we now have to focus on trainings and increase our performance from match to match.