Borac m:tel seeking first points against favorized Tatran in Prešov

Tatran - Borac Najava

Two time SEHA GSS League's Final Four participants Tatran from Prešov have a chance to continue their winning streak after an important win in Zagreb and against Vojvodina. Team from Banja Luka was not too big obstacle for them last season. Slovak team was better both times, at home with 41:21 and in Banja Luka with 27:29. Team from Prešov is playing much better now than in last few seasons with their goals set high once again and only winning in matches like this can help them qualify for SEHA GSS League's Final Four tournament.

Borac has not, on the other side, yet managed to win any point in the League. Match in Prešov will be very hard for them too but coach Igor Rađenović has already stated that their goal is to look for points in matches against opponents on their level. However, champions of Bosnia and Herzegovina have in previous seasons already taught us that surprises are in sport always possible.

Match is scheduled for Saturday, 18:00 CET in Tatran's Handball Arena.

Igor Rađenović, Borac m:tel' coach:

- We will play one of the best teams in the League, they are together now for 4 or 5 years which surely means much. We have a lot of problems in our roster. Hercegovac is still injured, Nikolić has knee problems and Bezbradica got injured in the last round against Radnički which means we'll have only 12 available players in the bus for Prešov. It will be really hard but we'll do our best. I'll give each players a chance, result is really not so important. It is important for us to be ready and healthy for matches against Vojvodina and Radnički in Banja Luka. 

Peter David, Tatran's coach:

- After our last two wins in two games and also with home advantage it seems like we are favorites in this match. We want to stay near leading teams of the League, that is our goal and we see this match as an opportunity to win three new points. To be successful we need to stay concentrated and play best we can. Borac has both - experienced players but also youngsters eager to win. There is no weak team in this League and that is why we are fully aware that we'll tomorrow play a game against a team not willing to give up until the final whistle.

Milan Đukić, Borac m:tel' player:

- A really hard match is ahead of us with Tatran being one of the favorites for SEHA GSS League's title. We have a lot of injury problems but despite of all that we'll all do or best to play a good match and maybe surprise Tatran.

Tomas Urban, Tatran's player:

- After Wednesday’s win in Bratislava we are got more confident about our performance. We need to follow coach’s tactics and stay focused in our well established defense. Also we need to avoid making many beginner's mistakes because Borac can punish us easily. All we need to do is prepare for this match mentally and get enough rest to be prepared physically as well. Hopefully we will entertain our fans.