PPD Zagreb has a new coach - Veselin Vujović

Veselin Vujović novi trener PPD Zagreba

Veselin Vujović



Handball club PPD Zagreb has a new coach - Veselin Vujović, one of the best players of all time and the first one to receive that title directly from IHF. Olympic champion from Los Angeles in 1984. and world champion two years later in Switzerland. His career path has began in Lovćen in Cetinje but with only 18 years on his back he has joined Metaloplastika in Šabac with which he has managed to win EHF's Champions Cup twice. After that he has decided to go to Barcelona with which he has once again won the Champions Cup. Spanish Granollers was his last playing 'station'. After his extraordinary playing career he has, as a head-coach, worked in Ciudad Real, Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro (fourth place on OG in Sidney 2000., fifth on WCh in Tunisia in 2005.), Vardar with which he has won first season of regional SEHA GSS League in 2012. and in Qatar.


'It is a great honour to coach the best and the biggest Croatian handball club. This will surely be a great experience for me, especially because Zagreb currently has a great young team. I still have that something in me which is pushing me forward, towards titles and which has made me decide to coach Zagreb. I'm really looking forward to this cooperation and I hope we'll both have use of it. In modern handball I believe, each team which is training well and has clear mind of what they want has a chance to beat anyone. Best example is probably Flensburg winning the CL against all those favorites. We have few hard months ahead of us. We all know how stronger SEHA GSS League is now in comparation with before and how hard it is to play matches in the CL. I repeat, I'm really looking forward to this cooperation' - concluded Veselin Vujović.