Tatran’s second win in a row

Tatran - Vojvodina 3 (14/15)

Slovakian champions HC Tatran Presov celebrate the second win in a row at SEHA GAZPROM South Stream League after two defeats at the beginning of the season. Once again, after VELUX EHF CL qualification tournament in Belarus, in 15 days, team of Peter David beat Serbian best team, RK Vojvodina Novi Sad 36:30 (19:14).

Team from Presov showed good performance in from of home fans against the rival, who came to Slovakia in good mood on the wings of great match and victory in Serbian Super Cup over RK Zeleznicar Nis 40:22 last Wednesday.

Tatran had better goalkeeper on this match, while Krupa had six saves more than Perovic (13 - 7), which was the goal difference between two teams at the end.  Antl (9), Hrstka and Kristopans (6) had good shooting afternoon and led their team to the first home victory this season in regional competition (they beat PPD Zagreb in away match).

Vojvodina was never in lead during the match, but fought bravely. Head-coach Djordje Cirkovic called for time-out in 34th minute (22:15) and helped his players to survive the crisis and stay in the game until the last ten minutes.

Hrstka and Krok broke finally the resistance of the rival with three goals for the +8 33:25 in 53rd minute...

The TOP scorer in "red-white" t-shirt of the Serbian best team was right wing Strahinja Stankovic with 8 goals.

Đorđe Ćirković, Vojvodina's coach:

- I would like to congratulate Tatran for a deserved win. We’ve known that they have some injured players but we simply did not put enough effort in the game today. One of our most important players Uroš Elezović, got injured in the first half and it was hard to play without him. But on the plus side, at least our youngsters Jovanović and Ranisavljević have gained experience.

Bojan Todorović, Vojvodina's player:

- I think that Uroš Elezović’ injury really affected our game, one less player in the rotation and at the end it was a key for our loss. We didn’t do what we’ve agreed on in the locker room before the game and that’s why we’ve lost today’s match.   

Peter David, Tatran's coach:

- We have problems with injuries in our team and we’ve had to improvise a lot. This is an important win for us. I am happy we’ve managed to decide this match before the last few minutes, in the middle of the second half. I will bring confidence to our team. I believe this was a really nice game for fans today, they have seen 66 goals.  

Dominik Krok, Tatran’s player:

- Considering the fact that we have so many injured players, we’ve played quite well in this match. I believe that the win in Zagreb has affected our today’s performance as well. We were really good and we’ve deserved to win today.